• Nature is closer than you think, just 30 minutes from Calgary! Mountains, meadows blossoming with Alpine flowers, Bragg Creek has it all! Drop in, play, then stay... your time here will refresh and enliven you
  • Art: defn. n. The quality or expression of what is beautiful Bragg Creek is known as an artists’ haven, surrounded by so much beauty and natural Canadian wildlife and culture. It’s easy to be inspired here
  • Western hospitality with international flare and worldwide renown Wander here among stores that showcase the best of local art to unusual trinkets from the world over
  • Craving a new flavour? From burgers and wings to haute cuisine, Bragg Creek has it all. Let us delight you with local specialities, service that is always smiling, and the best chefs in Alberta. We’re known for our food for a reason
General Info
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 There’s simply no denying it: Bragg Creek is a wonderful place to live.  Surrounded by old growth deep forests, open alpine meadows and majestic mountains, Bragg Creek is a kind of heaven.

For many years an artistic community, this area has inspired everyone who visits or relocates here.  And it’s a very friendly place too; after living here for a short while you find that your trips into the hamlet get longer and longer as you stop to chat with store owners, acquaintances and friends.
On the edge of Kananaskis Country, 4,200 square kilometres of provincial parkland, Bragg Creekers enjoy and marvel at abundant wild life and plant life, and have easy access to hundreds of trails for hiking, biking, skiing and the like.
Life here is a largely rural existence, but with all needs catered for in the hamlet and the city a short 30 minute drive away, you can have it all.


Tips for New Residents

  • Check out the links on the left for information about local facilities.
  • Create a map to your house in a software package like PowerPoint, or draw one and have it scanned onto a CD.  You’ll need to e-mail this when arranging deliveries or for friends to visit.
  • When ordering goods to be delivered check to see whether the company delivers to a PO box. Deliveries may  arrive in one of 3 places: to your home, to the Post Office or to Moose Mountain General Store, which receives deliveries from Purolator (and occasionally other courier companies if they can’t find their destination).  Note that the General Store is also a Sears agent.
  • Get to know your neighbours.  They will probably appreciate it, but it’s also handy to know your neighbours when living in a rural location in case of an unexpected situation, such as a very large snow fall, extended power outage etc.
  • If your property has a well, keep a stock of drinking water in case of power outages.
  • If you are in an area subject to flooding, check to see if you have a sump and pump, and that the pump is in good working order.
  • If your driveway is long, check local press and billboards for snow clearing services.
  • Check out www.GetPrepared.ca for excellent resources on how to be ready for disasters and evacuation.
  • Check the calendar of events on this website for local events and activities.
  • Lastly, enjoy all that is Bragg Creek!
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