• Nature is closer than you think, just 30 minutes from Calgary! Mountains, meadows blossoming with Alpine flowers, Bragg Creek has it all! Drop in, play, then stay... your time here will refresh and enliven you
  • Art: defn. n. The quality or expression of what is beautiful Bragg Creek is known as an artists’ haven, surrounded by so much beauty and natural Canadian wildlife and culture. It’s easy to be inspired here
  • Western hospitality with international flare and worldwide renown Wander here among stores that showcase the best of local art to unusual trinkets from the world over
  • Craving a new flavour? From burgers and wings to haute cuisine, Bragg Creek has it all. Let us delight you with local specialities, service that is always smiling, and the best chefs in Alberta. We’re known for our food for a reason
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In Bragg Creek we live in bear country.  Even though they are rarely seen, bears are all around us, and it’s important to know some basic facts about bears and their behaviour.  Some great information about black bears and grizzly bears is available here.

The Alberta BearSmart program aims to prevent and reduce human-bear encounters, not only to ensure our own safety but to safeguard the future of Alberta’s bear population.

Information for residents can be found here.  This link takes you to all kinds of useful information, from how to keep bears out of your backyard, what you can teach your kids about bears, and what to do if you encounter a bear.

Be bear aware!

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